Welcome to my WordPress blog site, Words, By George! On these pages you will find my Musings, Mutterings and Mischief! I cover different things at different times, but usually I’m proffering a thought or opinion on a subject that I feel needs saying or expressing outside mainstream sources.  You may not always agree with me, and that’s fine too! I’m always happy to hear another’s point of view. So, feel free to leave a comment if you so desire!

All replies and comments are moderated. While a reply or comment is welcomed, provocative, offensive or aggressive replies will NOT be published, nor will comments that are overtly or covertly racist or religiously intolerant.

All material on this site is may be used elsewhere, unless expressly indicated to the contrary, but all material thus used must be acknowledged and include a link back to this site.  All photos are copyright, and reuse without permission is not permitted.

I am trying my hand at short story writing, these tales can be found on the page, My Stories.

Come in, look around stay awhile and enjoy! Click on the MAIN tab above to begin!

Website name: http://vandaair.com!

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