2 comments on “The Shame in Australia’s Military

  1. Without wanting to make light of your experience, George – abuse in any form is completely unacceptable – it’s a wonder that the media hasn’t latched on to some simplistic reasons behind all of this (eg the wearing of uniforms, or the existence of a hierarchical rank structure) and started a campaign to remove those reasons as a means of ending the abuse.

    I’m just saying…

    • I not sure that the military without a clear hierarchical (rank) structure would be an effective force. When the balloon goes up….and the s@#t hits the fan, clear direction and orders from one’s superior officer need to be followed immediately and to the letter.

      But the abuse suffered by so many, perpetrated by so many, which has then adversely impacted on the life of those victims, should never had occurred.

      To then cover it up so systemically is abhorrent!!

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