2 comments on “Paramedics refuse to save drowing man?

  1. I was the actual officer that went to assist Michael not this PC Day that keeps getting put forward. There was myself and PC Rawlinson that were first on scene for quite an extended period of time. The actual events of what happened that morning are so different to what has been documented. Im more than happy to discuss and reignite this fire.

    • I’m always happy to hear the story first hand. As a 40 year veteran of Emergency Services in the UK and Australia, I’m only too aware of the media distortion of facts and timings. When researching a story, sometimes all you have to go on is media reports. Sometimes the information comes from the same source and is then used by different media outlets, duly edited and modified to suit needs other than the truth. I’d be happy to post your recollection of events should you care to do so.

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