3 comments on “Australians, Football and the Asian Cup

  1. I think appreciation for a sport comes from having a heritage in the sport. It will take time, but Australians will start to develop “memories” of achievements and once nostalgia creeps in perhaps then it slowly seeps into the culture? Critical to this is International competition, the chance to give the world a bloody nose as they do in cricket and the rugby codes.

    • I suspect their is some truth in what you say. Having been brought up in the UK in the mid-sixties, I got to believe that football was a religion, a passion. Men worked five and a half days a week, and on Saturday afternoons, they went to the football. The atmosphere at the game was like no other! I guess I never understood why Australians never had the same love for the game. In the fifty years I’ve been here, I have noticed little change in the stature of the game, but as you rightly point out, international exposure will do the game no end of good.

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