4 comments on “MH370 – Landed in Diego Garcia?

  1. Simply NO!
    There are so many people around there, ashore and on ships that there would be no possibility to stash away the plane that is now hot topic. There are many people who for various reasons want to make themselves heard- often a bit sick.
    Go in on Google Earth and you have perfect picture of DG. Any prison has a courtyard that is fenced in and there is none unless under the trees.
    Facts are facts. Sometimes for tactical reasons they may be blurred.
    And- in the eyes of the beholder…

    • I agree with you 100% Carl. Too big a secret to keep quiet, and for what purpose and who would benefit from doing this.

      As I’ve said all along, the simple reasons offered by pilots are the most credible.

    • Sometimes Carl, the remoteness of a location and/or it being surrounded by water can subsitute for fences. I can think of a number of island locations used as prisons which had no fences. I further recall from my history lessons that the Japanese did not build fences around their jungle POW camps as they realised that the jungle was a fence in itself.

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