5 comments on “MH370 – Landed in a Remote Location?

  1. The psychology of helplessness functions that way- always. Over that is MONEY. The publicity on this subject does cash in. Further there are sources who have an urge to make themselves heard. This for various reasons.
    The planet is scanned very thoroughly all the time and there is no reason to believe that the plane stands somewhere. It is simply gone, lost and will most likely never be retrieved.
    The key question is how to decimate the attention. And – again- who is first to take the blow?

    • Yep, I agree. Its gone and its gone, and never likely to be found. The sooner the Malaysian authorities grasp this concept, the sooner the families of the passengers can put their loved ones to rest. False hope only potentiates their grief.

  2. Here is a good one for you.!!!!
    The comment that was deleted from Facebook….

    If it wasn’t such a tragic event we could all freely laugh with great gusto at the mainstream media regarding the disappearance of Malaysian flight 370. Every single source, substantiated or not, was taken as a great revelation. It was and continues to be a sad circus of events.

    If those following the serious clues left available there is only one question to ask. Why does no one mention the Indian Oceans most advanced and secure air base, the stationary Aircraft Carrier located south of the southern tip of India called Diego Garcia?

    Not a peep. Not even an indication of a US managed military installation that monitors everything in this war region. In fact the best old metaphor regarding the lack of reference to this location is “The Silence Is Deafening.”

    So here it is. As CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, CTV and all the rest are prepared to spout off theories without any solid confirmation, here is one from a source who wishes to remain unidentified from Northwest BC Canada. This individual comes from a three decade long background of exposing the secrets the one percent and the military forces would rather have remained secret. He has recently revealed what happened to flight 370. ‘Film at Eleven’.

    Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah prepared and practised with his home flight simulator and had determined the maximum speed and angle of decent the Boeing 777 could withstand.

    As soon as the flight reached the extent of the Malaysian radar capability, when he knew they would no longer expect to see his radar signal, he wished the ground crews good night. He then turned off one tracking device, waited to see if anyone responded or raised alarm for 15 minutes, then turned off all communication devices. He locked the cabin door to prevent anyone from entering after asking his co-pilot to get him a drink or check on a system outside of the cockpit.

    The Captain then immediately turned the plane southwest into a know flight path and climbed to over 40,000 ft. the maximum structural capability of the Boeing 777. He put on the pilot supplied air mask and kept the plane at over 40,000 ft until he was certain all the passengers and crew, including his co-pilot, were asphyxiated.

    From his flight simulator experimentation he had already determined the precise coordinates where he would initiate his next action. To bring the plane down at the maximum speed and maximum angle of decent to make a direct hit on the fuel storage tanks at Diego Garcia.

    As he initiated this direct course of action the American military had not been concerned with the radar blip of this flight at 40,000 plus feet. They monitor vessels and flights which appear to be a threat or are invading their space. However they were suddenly brought into complete attention as their warning systems set off alarms.
    The base at Diego Garcia attempted to make radio contact and immediately dispatching interceptors. Knowing full well this was an imminent threat, having no time to debate the issue and recognizing the aircraft was operating in what was basically ‘stealth’ mode, uncommunicative, the plane was shot out of the sky.

    Becoming aware of which flight it was with the political and potential military repercussions, the US military ordered a complete lock down on all communications regarding the event and began dispatching crews to locate and pick up all the debris.

    When the rest of the world became aware the flight was missing the US Navy offered all their resource to help them look for it in the South China Sea, then the Gulf of Thailand, Bay of Bengal and the Strait of Malacca. This kept the worlds attention focused away from the location they were cleaning up.

    US 7th Fleet Commander William Marks told CNN “We wait for the Malaysians to tell us where to search and we go there.”

    This is the most telling statement of all. Since when does the US take directions from Malaysia (or anyone else – Ed.) unless they are simply providing the rope to let them hang themselves.

    The most powerful radar systems in the region are at Diego Garcia. A perfect target for such an attack, one the USA stopped and one they simply cannot reveal to the world due to the nationality of the passengers on board. They will continue to assist in the search while doing everything to ensure no one even mentions Diego Garcia in the mainstream media.

    • Thanks Tony, I liked that one too.
      After examining the story, I see a number of glaring issues with it.
      1. While the mainstream media has been very reticent to mention Diego Garcia, that is not necessarily an issue, but then again?
      2. Flight Simulator while being very realistic, cannot be relied upon to accurately reflect the actual flight stresses that might be applied to a real aircraft fuselage.
      3. The distance from Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) to Diego Garcia (FJDG) is 1920.4 nautical miles. With the B777 travelling at 500 nmph, it’s going to take 4 hours to cover the distance to Diego Garcia. It’s not a straight up and down trip.
      4. Diego Garcia is in British Indian Ocean Territory and is a joint facility. The UK represents the BIOT internationally. A local government as normally envisioned does not exist. Rather, the administration is represented in the Territory by the Officer Commanding British Forces on Diego Garcia, referred to as the “Brit Rep”. Laws and regulations are promulgated by the Commissioner and enforced in the BIOT by the Brit Rep. The British CO is not going to approve an action against an “unknown” and possible commercial aircraft.
      5. The US military would also be very wary of shooting down an unidentified aircraft after the furore that occurred on 3 July 1988, when the USS Vincennes, under the command of Captain Will Rogers III, fired two radar-guided missiles at an Iran Air Airbus A300 (Iran Air Flight 655) civilian airliner over Iranian airspace in the Straits of Hormuz, killing all 290 passengers and crew on board.
      6. The population of Diego Garcia varies from 3,000 to 5,000 people. It would be very difficult to effectively silence this number of people to keep the event confidential.
      7. Even if there was any truth in this theory, I feel the US would have admitted to their action immediately as accidental rather than let 20 countries search for the aircraft in vain.

      There is no doubt in my mind that there has been human intervention in the disappearance of this aircraft, and most likely by the pilot or co-pilot, but until the aircraft is located and the FDR/CVR, cockpit and it’s door is examined, the real cause will never be identified and will continue to fuel far fetched conspiracy theory.

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