3 comments on “The Use of Composites in Aircraft Construction

  1. I commenced my studies of composite in 1984 and made a few observations. The use of fibre glass in any construction is a bit oldtimish. You can find ruptures within a construction made of epoxy and fire glass, I do not appreciate the combination. The use of fibre glass and polyester resin had
    s been used in boats since 1960 and they are still there. But when it comes to more stringent applications, I always go for a heavy tertlene clth and epoxy. You can shoot rockets on it and it will no not crack or disintegrate – ever! The Volvo Ocean Race VO 60s and the VO70s all had problems with disintegration and cracks. In crucial areas I would use the terylene and epoxy combination and feel very safe – it is TOUGH! I believe that the industry will find out since tests show that the combination is virtually indestructuble. I had people go on it with hammers and axes, they bent the sample hundreds of times and the features of epoxy clearly follows the terylene and the whole remains intact whatever the impact. The fibre glass is in a way self contained and gets brittle by bending – say vibrations. The tests have been going on for 30 years now in my workshop and in the field and the perception is clear – the terylene/epoxy combination is only way to go when it comes to fabricate a reliable composite.

  2. This website certainly has all the information and facts I wanted about this
    subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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