One comment on “Why Russian drivers are the World’s worst!

  1. Seeing so many webcams of Russian drivers I have come up with my own thoughts about them. Russians must be some o0f the worst drivers in the World. They are completely devoid of any driving skills, and I doubt that they would ever get any, however long they drive. The way that they accelerate into danger, they are either, mentally unbalanced, Psycho, criminal, drunk, asleep at the wheel, or they just do it deliberately. None that I have seen are ACCIDENTS. An accident is something that occurs by chance and with no fault on the part of the persons. These drivers just don’t give a shit about anything or anyone. The number of drivers that cause accidents and just keep on driving away without having the decency to see if the other party requires medical or other help, is a sure indication of what they consider to be their moral responsibility.
    The number of vehicles that are obviously unfit to be driven (wheels falling off, loads not secured, parts of vehicles dropping off etc). They should be scrapped and not allowed to continue.
    Maybe all Russian drivers should all have their licences cancelled and they should be back to riding donkey carts. Even then no doubt they would be a bloody menace on the road, albeit if a somewhat less dangerous one.
    I’m glad I don’t live in Russia.
    You can make up whatever excuses you want about Russian drivers, it all comes down to the fact that they completely lack a sense of responsibility.
    Are there ANY decent drivers in Russia????

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