4 comments on “MH 370 – What has Happened?

  1. It’s quite simple, the Captain killed everyone on board by disabling the mask system and opening the outflow valves at 40,000 feet. They were unconscious in about 15 seconds and dead within a few minutes. He then flew the plane to a previously researched area of the Indian Ocean with a depth of roughly 3 mi and disappeared NEVER to be found. If he was intent on virtually leaving no debris field, he would have “landed” on the water much like the Hudson River landing, the plane would have probably remained totally intact, and just sunk.

    • This theory is possible, but I feel this it is unlikely. I find I difficult to accept that a senior line pilot with over 18,000 hours would go “rogue”. I find it difficult to saccept that any senior pilot of a well-respected airline, entrusted with lives of their passemgers and crew, would carry out this outrageous action. There has been a lot of media hype about the Captain’s political views, his support of the Oppostion party, and also of his Flight Simulator set up. But nothing has been proven.

      There would be little to be gained by this action. I still lean toward an onboard emergency disabling passemgers and crew. Let’s look at the more simple scenarios supported by pilots, instead of the nore unlikely scenarios proposed by the media. Pilots fly planes, jounalists sell papers!

      Bottom line here is that this is all complete conjecture. We have no evidence of anything, nor will we have until the aircraft is found; if ever!

      • It has happened before, it is sad and evil in the extreme, but not wanting it to be so is without merit in this case. To many deliberate acts took place to make this happen without intent. If the NTSB is given full access and is allowed to issue a report, without U.S State Dept interference, as was not the case in the Egypt Air 990 incident, my assessment will be endorsed.

      • Yes, you make a valid point, there were many intentional acts involved in this incident. Are they malicious, or reactive to a situation on board? We may never know. As you correctly point out, there is certainly evil out there!

        Free and unfettered access to data and information can often be difficult. Information in this case has been held for days before release, and has been conflicting. Too many unofficial sources, leaks, comments have occurred in relation to this incident. Politics will always cloud, limit or restrict what is released and when.

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