3 comments on “MH 370 – What is Going on Here?

  1. Good observations. Why in heck would anyone photocopy pictures?? Just print them out from the computer and be done with it. One thing to keep in mind, is the fact that the Airline is a Government owned corporation. It is not privately held.

    • That was my thought too! Nobody in this age uses hard copy. Its all digital, electronic and instant. What did they hope to achieve by doing this? What was being covered up? Who is in charge?

      • Photos aside, i was thinking this morning how possibly ludicrous it is that we can not find this aircraft. I was wondering if the industry has concentrated to much on matters such as fuel economy, while ignoring concerns such an aircraft going missing. I am really just thinking out loud here and have not done any in depth research, but i would hazard a guess that devices such as transponders and ELTs, are quite old technology and have not been improved upon all that much. With that being said, i was wondering why is it even possible for the pilot to turn of a transponder? What is the harm of having it always on? Again, i am just thinking out loud here, but how about having it come on once the aircraft is off the ground and turn off once it the aircraft lands? It could be tied into the INS. Hijackings have been around for decades now and i just don’t understand the fact that someone can turn of the transponder by turning a dial. There should be a system/device that no one can tamper with, turn on/off, access, etc. If i owned and operated a $280 million piece of equipment, i would want to know where it is at all times, no matter what. More to the point, i would want to know where my customers/passengers are at all times. With todays technology, i feel that this should not be happening.

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