8 comments on “MH370- Debris found off Australia

  1. George, as things are, I can see that your conclusions of the disaster seem to be of substance. If the reports from the Maldives show to be true, the plane was on AP and crew was incapacitated or unable to conduct any action. I fear this is what we will learn later.

  2. And- very important- why did Malaysia radar management not react on an unidentified aircraft coming into Malaysian air space???

  3. I would like to hear the flying experts comments on:
    -If all communication is blewn out by technical failure such as fire, explosion or other, is it possible that the AP still works?-
    -If fire in cockpit occurs, is it likely that it also hits the cabin. Is smoke diverted through the whole vent system?
    – Are hydraulic systems vulnerable to cockpit failure?
    – Is it likely that there is a big fire at all and that the plane later can fly thousands of miles?
    – If a bomb goes, how can systems shut down 12 minutes prior to ” All right”?

    We have a hard nut here.

  4. If the plane turned into a new course by setting the AP, there must have been a number of way point settings to go in on the south corridor. I don’t believe in the vastely spread theory that the plane went there. Ii also looked at the pictures and have discovered several similar white patches on Tomnod pictures elsewhere. The Australian party has extinguished most of the search elsewhere…
    It is time to lift clear facts into one basket.

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